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Benefits of Fences



For both homeowners and commercial property owners, security may be a top issue. Florida State Fence offers traditional fencing and gate access controls for added protection from potential intruders and prying eyes.


Pet Safety

Households with dogs and outdoor cats often prefer fenced-in backyards to keep off-leash pets safely contained. This allows furry friends to play freely and gives you peace of mind that your animals are securely contained. It also prevents other animals such as neighbors’ pets, and predators like alligators and coyotes, from entering the yard.



Lack of privacy also inspires property owners to put up fencing. Subdivisions commonly situate homes close to one another. With the installation of a fence, you can enjoy your yard, pool, patio, or deck in peace and privacy.


Curb Appeal

Fences don’t only serve a practical purpose—they can also add beauty to your property. We offer attractive fences in a variety of styles to enhance your home’s curb appeal and complement the architecture.


Property Value

Installing a fence typically increases a property’s resale value as well. Home buyers like to see a well-maintained fence already in place when they’re viewing properties.


Pool & Safety

Besides the backyard, our fences can also cordon off pool areas. Pool fencing is an important safety precaution for families with young children who might otherwise fall into the pool and possibly drown. The fences can also keep out invaders, including uninvited teenagers and wildlife.

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